Bridgette Gracia

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Bridgette Gracia

Culture Consultant

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Dreams: My daily goal is to show kindness and love well. If I can get through the day being proud of how I treated those around me, then my day is successful. My goal within Zephyr is to create a pathway to help small businesses learn how to be a great place to work. My goal outside of Zephyr is to travel to every continent. And go skydiving.

My Magic Powers: I believe that my superpower is people. I have an ability to see people for who they are, for who they want to be, and have grace for the process. I study personalities to help care for people in the best way possible, to communicate how they can hear, and to meet them where they are. People are the prize.

How I am Human: The area of growth I am currently working on is to be more present in the moment. I am extremely analytical and am often thinking 50 steps in the future for multiple possible pathways. I am trying to be more aware of my time in the present. Professionally, I am trying to prioritize more time for personal development in my new role. My weakness is that I am prone to prioritize tasks as I like to be a high producer but will neglect my personal development for a completed checklist.

Oh Fine, My Experience: My experience is beautifully diverse. I started working as a piano tutor when I was only 15. I began supervising when I was 16; became a general manager when I was 18. I have been leading people in some capacity for over 20 years, managing teams from 2 people to a 1000. I have worked in restaurants, web and graphic design, small business development, business management, film, and was even the COO of a $2.5 million non-profit by the age of 30. Jill of all trades – master of many. The professional skill I am most proud of is my ability to be a strategic problem solver.

What I Do for Zephyr: I am a Culture Consultant here at Zephyr. I am responsible for helping our small businesses create non-toxic workplaces. Ones that recognize the unique talents and personalities of their employees, develop an identity that honors the business and those who work for it, celebrate the ideal fit, and create a place where people want to work.

Why I Picked Zephyr: Zephyr drew me in because of its authenticity and dedication to people. Everyone is unique, our jobs are unique, and our employers have unique needs. Zephyr Connects treats people as individuals and tries to find the right fit – not just a job. We spend so much of our time at work, I loved that a company was dedicated to helping us work better. We don’t have to hate what we do – we can find work that makes us come alive. Zephyr is also committed to helping small businesses be great. When you help entrepreneurs, you are helping people achieve their dreams. There is nothing better I could spend my time on then helping people realize their potential.

Why Zephyr Chose Bridgette: Zephyr Connects chose Bridgette because she is highly engaging, can see though all the noise, and gets to the heart of the matter with grace, kindness, and honesty.  And we feel these are some of the best qualities in a consultant.  She’s also silly, and fits well with our core values.

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