Josh Azpeitia

Team Connector

Dreams: I try to make a difference in the life of anyone I meet. My hope is that if we met, I was a hightlight that day and not a nightmare.

My Magic Powers: I am a no nonsense kind of of guy. Not afraid to ask the questions others might be too embarassred to ask. I also think I am a pretty good judge of character, and once I have deemed you part of the pack, I am loyal, some may say even to a fault.

How I am Human: I am quite the cynic or can be perceived as a negative Nelly. Which sometimes can impact how easily I let people in.

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have about 15+ years of (medical) clinical experience which includes social work, patient navigation, and patient advocacy. I am a Certified Medical Interpreter with over 10 years of experience in interpreting and translating for many medical and sub medical specialty sectors. I love knowing that I made a difference in a persons life, and that usually comes across in me being passionate about whatever I do.

What I Do for Zephyr: I am a recruiter and have the awesome privilege of helping find the perfect fit for the position you hired us (me) for!

Why I Picked Zephyr: In a few words… Because Zephyr actually cares! I was drawn to Zephyr because of the toxic free environment they promote. They actually practice what they preach and I was drawn in to the warm can-do attitude of the leadership team!

Why Zephyr Chose Josh: