Kelly Smith

Team Connector

Kelly Smith - Team Connector

Dreams: I want to be able to look back in 30 years and be proud of the person I am and the things I have achieved….. Ok also sitting by the ocean somewhere tropical at my beach house with a glass of wine in hand doesn’t hurt either right?

My Magic Powers: I'm a great people talker and like to make sure everyone is comfortable. It may have something to do with being in customer service for 15+ years but I like to make people smile and have great experiences.

How I am Human: I am FULL of emotions, I can't make it through a sad dog video, an emotional airport scene in a movie, or that fairytale ending in a book without shedding a tear or two.

Oh Fine, My Experience: Most of my working life has been in Australia working in the customer service industry trying to make peoples days just a bit brighter! In the US I work in the Real Estate field and also am a job matchmaker in the recruiting industry.

What I Do for Zephyr: I am a Team Connector at Zephyr, I work with both employers and candidates to find that perfect job match!

Why I Picked Zephyr: Zephyr was a complete no-brainer for me. The core values they not only offer but stand by proudly is a refreshing change and the human touch they offer to both employers and candidates is so rare to find within this industry.

Why Zephyr Chose Kelly: Honestly, it was the accent that got us! But also, Kelly is sweet, optimistic, and has a natural empathy about her.