Lisa Mendoza

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mendoza - Administrative Assistant

Dreams: I try each day to look at what I have to be grateful for and work hard to raise a kind and confident daughter. At Zephyr I want to continue growing and build my professional confidence. I’m also dreaming of living in a sunnier place with a few chickens, and a jeep to get around in would be fun!

My Magic Powers: Reliable, organized, and consistent which sounds kind of boring but not with me! I’m also great at cuddling with cats.

How I am Human: I can’t say no and so sometimes take on too much. I just googled it and it says it’s linked to my need to seek approval from others. I’ll talk with my therapist about it. No! No! No!

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have Worked mostly in the service industry – I love helping people. Acts of Service - it’s my love language!

What I Do for Zephyr: Administrative Assistant. I provide support for the recruiters and management.

Why I Picked Zephyr: No one takes themselves too seriously. They want to see you succeed and so help you develop your potential, working on your weaknesses with you while highlighting your strengths. I’m proud to be part of the team!

Why Zephyr Chose Lisa: Zephyr Connects chose Lisa because at the very first meeting we knew she was something special! She learns faster than anyone we've ever seen, she cares so deeply about human beings, and her super power of giving the perfect gift keeps everyone on the team super happy!