Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Great Employees Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Building a great team is a constant process. It starts with ensuring great applicants can find you (Attract), you recruit the right people (Hire), and you keep your great team in place (Retain). As such, we offer three service options to help you with whatever challenge you may be facing. Each service can be utilized on its own or bundled for a complete UNIQUE FIT™ team building program.

Zephyr is passionate about helping mission-driven small businesses that believe their people are their greatest asset. We are committed to providing high value and high quality services which are affordable for small businesses. Schedule a Discovery Call to start building your UNIQUE FIT™ Team today. If you aren’t sure what you need, click on the service icons above to learn more about our service options.


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Make team building easier with employment brand marketing (EBM)


Faster to hire

arrow down50%

Less cost per hire

arrow down28%

Less turnover

arrow down50%

More qualified applicants

arrow down75%

Of candidates will research your company before applying

arrow down69%

Of candidates won’t apply if they don’t like what they see even if they are unemployed

Are you a great place to work struggling to get great applicants for your open positions? Or, will you need to build up your team soon, and want to ensure that you attract the right candidates? If so, EBM is perfect for you. Our program identifies what makes you a great place to work, and develops a robust marketing campaign to get the word out, resulting in passionate applicants who can’t wait to work for you! When done correctly, they will reach out to you regularly to see if you are hiring.


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UNIQUE FIT™ Recruiting


Hours spent recruiting a new hire by small business employers


Of annual salary is the cost of a bad hire (NBRI states it is $25K – $300K depending on the role)


Of new hires fail within 18 months, 89% were due to personality or attitude issues


Of employers say that company culture fit is just as important as skills fit


Of applicants say the recruiting experience affects how they view a potential employer


Of job seekers say not hearing back about a job application is more stressful than not hearing back after a first date

Hiring can be time-consuming and frustrating. Chances are, when you started your small business, spending up to 70 hours per hire was not how you expected to spend your time. You may think that recruiters are too expensive for you, or maybe you didn’t have good results in the past.

Zephyr is different. We only recruit for great small businesses, and only present candidates who we know will work well with your team.


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Keep the team you love


Of new hires will quit a job due to a poor onboarding experience


Employees will stay longer if they work for a great company


Fewer sick days taken when an employee is happy at work


Reason candidates pick one job over another is culture fit


Of employees leave due to culture misfit


Of voluntary turnover is avoidable

Losing a great employee can be devastating to a small business. We work with you to develop your onboarding, training and retention program giving you what you need to make your employees excited to come to work each day.


We want all great small businesses to succeed. As such, we have developed these resources to help make building your UNIQUE FIT™  team easier.