Kristian Naslund

Team Connector

Dreams: A great experience, a new friend, a delicious bite of something new, a life filled with joy and most of all sharing that joy with others. 

My Magic Powers: I can read a technical book that will put most mortals to sleep in a moment, and I retain it for use later.  I can also read a room and see who thrives and how to commend them, who struggles and how to help them, who is too comfortable and how to inspire them.

How I am Human: I have a hard time saying ”no” but it has lead to interesting places in life.

Oh Fine, My Experience: I dabble, I’ve had a career in the fire service, as a distiller, and land rover restorer.  I’ve always had a side gig too, apprentice, mentor or master, I’m up for anything.

What I Do for Zephyr: I’m a connector.  It seems to make more sense to me than a recruiter because it makes people more real in my mind. I can imagine the candidate in the role and make sure it is just the right fit for the client too.

Why I Picked Zephyr: The people.  Some of the team are my friends and they are always happy when they speak about their work.  I just had to join them!

Why Zephyr Chose Kristian: Krisitian's mild manner helps round out our team. Sometimes he will sit back, examines the room, and when he says something it's always really insightful and wise. His previous experience helps Kristian to relate to our clients, and his calm demeanor makes candidates at ease to open up to him. Like we said before, "cool as a cucumber".