What We Stand For

Why we love to go to work every day

Zephyr’s drive is to eradicate toxic workplaces by connecting great small businesses with great employees. We believe everyone deserves a life they love, and that we all spend too much time at work to not enjoy our jobs. By helping small business employers who value their teams, we aim to help more people live meaningful lives through their work.

Zephyr’s Immutable Laws

• Always be, do, and work better.

• Have fun, otherwise what’s the point?

• Show up, be all in, and do what you say you are going to do.

• People matter! Kindness, respect, and dignity are non-negotiable.

• Be a positive and tenacious solution junky.

• Communicate honestly, directly, and frequently.

• We not only embrace change, we’re obsessed with it!

Our Story

Erin Longmoon founded Zephyr to solve a problem she kept hearing from other small business owners: “I know I need a quality team, but finding, hiring, and keeping great employees is so hard!” Utilizing her experience as a recruiter, coach, and small business owner- Zephyr was born to solve this problem.

Our Team


Yvette Delgado - Team Connector

Yvette Delgado

Recruiting Manager

Caitlyn Ball

Team Connector

Rebecah Gajdosik

Team Connector

Annie Green- Connector

Annie Green

Team Connector

Molly McGoun - Team Connector

Molly McGoun

Team Connector

Liz Moenig Connector

Liz Moenig

Team Connector

Cathy Raver

Team Connector

Bryan Williams - Team Connector

Bryan Williams

Team Connector


Erin Longmoon - Chief Idea Generator and Overseer of All Things

Erin Longmoon

Chief Idea Generator & Overseer of All Things


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