Erin Longmoon

Chief Idea Generator & Overseer of All Things

Erin Longmoon - Chief Idea Generator and Overseer of All Things

Dreams: I dream of changing people’s lives by helping them realize that they are deeply worthy. I want to give my awesome team members opportunities that allow them to have the lifestyles they wish. I dream of my clients having what they dream. I also dream of being the next Stevie Nicks, living on St. John, being close friends with the Dalai Lama, and raising my daughter to be a truly kind, tolerant, accepting, and loving human. Oh, and I want to take a year off and travel the world - specifically Italy, Ireland, Ethiopia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Peru. I have more dreams - do you have the time?

My magic powers: Empathy, ability to read people and know what is underneath the facade, coming up with new and awesome ideas and solutions to problems, and making a perfectly cooked filet mignon.

How I am human: I get overwhelmed with emotion at sheer beauty and this can happen at anytime, even in a business meeting. I think I am right, most of the time. (Oh, and it's often true.) I have low tolerance for low tolerance, which is a philosophical loop I have no time to entertain.

Oh fine, my experience: I have been in business administration in the small business sector for over 22 years. I have owned 5 businesses to date, and counting. I have over 7 years of successful recruiting experience. In addition, I have experience and knowledge in Human Resources, Business Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

What I do for Zephyr: I create, envision, implement, guide, coach, lead, sell, market, build, make coffee, buy lunch and repeat.

Why I picked Zephyr: I decided to start Zephyr Connects because as a Business Consultant and Coach for small businesses, I constantly encounter clients who need support building strong, connected teams, but who cannot afford traditional recruiters. I get very worked up about the little guy not getting what the big guy has, so I came up with a solution...and Zephyr Connects was born.

Why Zephyr picked Erin: Zephyr Connects chose Erin because without her it would not exist.