Check out these episodes to hear what Erin has to say about attracting, hiring, and retaining your dream team.

We know a podcast on hiring might surprise you, but join in and give these podcasts a listen. These episodes are packed full of valuable insight for you and your small business to attract, hire and retain ideal employees easily and seamlessly.

Recruiting Onsite Staff

Professional Builders Secrets brings you an exclusive episode with the CEO of Zephyr Connects, Erin Longmoon. In this episode, Erin unpacks the common pitfalls builders face when recruiting onsite staff, and the strategies you can implement to ensure you hire the best staff for your building company.

The True Cost of a Toxic Workplace

Episode Summary: In this episode of Practice Growth HQ we’re talking about toxic workplaces. You’ll…

Conversation on Mission and Impact

On this episode of The DEB Show, host Debra Eckerling speaks about mission and impact…

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