Why Being Picky About Your Employees Generates Successful Workplace Flow

Erin Longmoon’s mission in life is to eradicate toxic workplaces. She believes that everyone deserves to love their job and feel like they are contributing to a greater purpose. As the owner of Zephyr Recruiting LLC, she accomplishes this mission by matching great small businesses with their UNIQUE FIT™ employees.

Erin dreams of changing people’s lives by helping them realize that they are deeply worthy. She also dreams about being the next Stevie Nicks and being friends with the Dalai Lama. Her magic powers are empathy, ability to read people, coming up with new and awesome ideas, and making a perfectly cooked filet mignon. As the owner of Zephyr Recruiting she oversees an amazing work-at-home team who shares her passion for supporting great places to work.

The passion to eradicating toxic workplaces comes from a place a lot of us can resonate with. When Erin was an employee at a company with a toxic workplace, she saw firsthand how the culture impacted everyone on a deep level. The toxic workplace reduced morale and productivity, followed her home, and led good employees to quit.

Erin joins Mitch on this episode to discuss the recruiting world, how an employer should brand itself to attract the right employees and how things are shaping up during the pandemic.

You can learn more about Erin and her company by visiting her website or connecting with her on LinkedIn.




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