Thanks, But No Thanks, LinkedIn

Thanks, But No Thanks, LinkedIn

At Zephyr Connects, we love simple. Doesn’t everybody? We also really love resources that support employers as they face a tough hiring market. So when we read a headline from LinkedIn that said, “A step-by-step guide to small business hiring,” we were like, “yes, please!” Shaking with anticipation, we dove in. But our excitement quickly …

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The Great Resignation – Finding Opportunity in the Challenge

Recently, a friend shared an article with me entitled, “Americans Quit Their Jobs at a Record Rate in August.” Shortly after, a headline from a New York Times email news update landed in my inbox with a subject that read, “The Big Quit.” Scrolling through social media, I find a Buzzfeed article detailing “15 Horrendous …

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Women is hammering down the recruiting industry and all its foundations because it's all wrong.

The Recruiting Industry Is A Racket!

Yes, I meant to say that! I have seen first-hand how disconnected the recruiting industry is from the employers and job seekers it serves. In order to understand why I make such a bold claim, you have to understand the basic business model of the industry. Now, to be fair, (if I must), not all …

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Solving Small Business Employers’ Biggest Complaint

You started your business because you knew you could do what you do better than other businesses in your profession. You want your employees to do the same. Yet, somehow, when you hire the people with the best skills and experience, they don’t always work out.

Luckily, there are some ways to help make hiring easier.

Are Bad Hires Costing You Money?

Are bad hires costing you money?

Bad hires can cost as much as 30% of their annual salary! There is a better way to build your team that will end up saving your time, money and headache in the long run:
the IDEAL FIT™ method.