Recruit the Employee You’ve Always Wanted with the Culture Technique (GMAP Podcast)

Your UNIQUE FIT™ employee is out there… the challenge is finding them. Do you know what they look like? What they want? Where they are looking? Do you know what you want or need? While you are sitting here asking yourself these questions, is your UNIQUE FIT™ employee interviewing with your competition?

At Zephyr Connects we believe that there is a UNIQUE FIT™ employee for every position at every great company. A lot of components go into making an employee a UNIQUE FIT™. We’ll get into all of those components in future blog posts. Today, we want to talk about the CULTURE side of recruiting. Using the Zephyr Connects Culture Technique will help you understand your company’s culture, personality and goals so you can hone in on what type of employee you are looking for.

Erin gets into all of this with the Grow My Accounting Practice (GMAP) podcast. You can listen to the full interview here. And get the CULTURE assessment and Interview Questions to Determine Culture Fit for yourself here.