Cathy Raver

Team Connector

Dreams: To make a difference in all the lives I’ve touched.  I want my kids to grow up happy and to be compassionate people.  I want to look back on my life and not have any regrets.  Life is too precious to not be happy and have fun.  I want to grow old and be glamorous.  Some day I dream about writing children’s books while living on the beach.  Oh, and I want to travel and dance until I’m too old to walk. 

As far as my dream with Zephyr, I’m beyond excited to see the company grow and my dream would be that I help contribute to that success and growth.  I’ve also dreamt about working for a company that appreciates the employees and that I am actually excited to work. 

My Magic Powers: I am very sensitive to peoples’ emotions, which can be a blessing and a curse. It helps me better understand people and their needs, but it can also be very draining. 

How I am Human: I am a perfectionist who works super hard and gives 100% to everything I do. I have high expectations of myself, so I am very hard on myself and typically dwell on everything. I am also a people pleaser and will go above and beyond to make people happy.

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have a background in Human Resources. I also spent 5 years providing quality customer care to banks and credit unions all over the US. Most recently, I found a passion in teaching fitness classes—my favorites being Cycling and Pilates. 

What I Do for Zephyr: I am so lucky to be a Connector who loves finding great candidates for my amazing clients. I get so much joy and satisfaction from not only helping the client, but also helping the candidate and introducing them to make a perfect connection. 

Why I Picked Zephyr: I have never believed so much in a mission Zephyr’s drive is to eradicate toxic workplaces and they “believe everyone deserves a life they love, and that we all spend too much time at work to not enjoy our jobs. It is very relatable to me and something I’ve always hoped to haveI was also blown away by how amazing the team is. Zephyr really takes the time to find the best team members, who all bring something special to the table. I knew working for the company would be an amazing opportunity. I couldn’t apply fast enough! 

Why Zephyr Chose Cathy: Cathy can handle it all! She is about as organized as they come. Everyone on our team is always wowed with her quick turnaround times and her helpful support which comes with her spunky but gentle spirit.