Scott Hall

Sales Consultant

Dreams:  I dream of making a difference (even in small ways) in the lives of the people that I surround myself with. Whether it’s in my personal or professional life, I want to be remembered for the impact I had on others. I also dream of buying a ridiculously large plot of land and opening the world’s largest dog park.

My Magic Powers:  I am a kick-a$$ presenter who loves getting in front of audiences, both large and small, to provide engaging and informative content. Leveraging my theater background, I get excited by the thought of sharing information with others that they can then use to improve themselves. Working in insurance, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to make interesting even the most boring of topics.

How I am Human:  Imposter Syndrome is real in my head. I tend to compare myself to my peers and deem myself unworthy in some way. I’m constantly having to remind myself of my professional accomplishments and keep top of mind that I’ve worked just as hard as others to earn my place in the organization.

Oh Fine, My Experience:  I have 28 years of experience working in the insurance industry. During my tenure, I’ve spent time in customer service, training, pricing, sales, innovation services, and product management. Prior to that, I worked in the paralegal department of a law firmMy first job was at Sea World opening oysters and pulling out pearls for customers

What I Do for Zephyr:  I can help Zephyr growI have the time and the motivation to serve as a Connector, a Brand Ambassador, a Networker, or anything in between. I’m excited about this opportunity and I’m confident that I can add value to the company.

Why I Picked Zephyr:  Reading the job posting, I felt this opportunity was in perfect alignment with the type of part-time work I want to do and the time that I have available to do it. It’s impactful and makes a difference in the lives of others. I’m only more certain of my choice the more I research the company. It also sounds like a really fun place to work. 

Why Zephyr Chose Scott: Scott our beloved Sales Consultant, who could probably sell a double cheeseburger with extra bacon to a vegan! Originally we brought on as a Connector, but it was quickly learned that Scott has an innate ability connecting with our clients, current and future! We also love hearing about his adrenaline filled adventures, from the comfort of our desks.