Clayton Miller

Business Manager

Clayton Miller - Business Manager

Dreams: I try to learn something every day and I try to improve my fitness. For Zephyr related, I pause what I am doing and check to see if there is a better way of doing it. Is there a template I can make? How can I ask better questions? Am I following up quickly?

My Magic Powers: My strength is to make anything seem like it is healthy.  Cauliflower pizza has ~8 grams of protein per slice!  I really think I am strong at connecting with people one on one.

How I am Human: Sometimes I just move to fast or speak too fast. I need to think and pause before acting!

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have spent too many years of my life in college, but it has taught me that you can learn and do anything.  In fact, you should never stop learning and you can learn from anyone.  Professionally, I am great at committing to a project and taking initiative.  I thrive in a company that creates opportunities and is growing and evolving.

What I Do for Zephyr: Business Manager.  I provide friendly banter and make friendships, while talking about where someone is going to spend the next 5 years of their life (hopefully).

Why I Picked Zephyr: I picked Zephyr because it fits me.  I want something that is going to fill my glass of energy up, while not spending it all.

Why Zephyr Chose Clay: He brings a steadiness to any situation. A jack of all trades sort of smart person who can create common ground with just about anyone!