Noah Musick

Noah Musick - Sales

Dreams: My dream has always been to work for a company that provides a service that creates a positive impact on companies they do business with. I want to look back 10 years from now and know I truly made a difference.

My Magic Powers: I am a great listener. I want to know everything about my clients and their needs as a business.

How I am Human: I tend to get overwhelmed very easily in large groups. I am the easiest person to get along with but sometimes come across as an introvert. That being said, in groups of 10 or less, I am the life of the party!

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have been in sales for over 10 years. My background is primarily in Marketing but I have also managed several sales teams and trained multiple new hires.

What I Do for Zephyr: I work with small businesses and find the right product to help them grow their businesses with the highest quality candidates.

Why I Picked Zephyr: Above all else, Zephyr has created a culture that makes you feel like more than an employee. They live by their laws and deliver as promised.

Why Zephyr Chose Noah: Zephyr Connects chose Noah because he is probably the most tenacious prospector we’ve ever met! Yet, at the same time he has a big heart and really cares for people. He is really driven by our mission, and an intrinsic desire to help people.