Shafeeq Turner

People Strategist

Dreams: Everyday, I strive to achieve greatness and for me that means getting 1% better. My goal is to become the best possible version of myself in all arenas of my life. 

My Magic Powers: My biggest strength is my ability to adapt in any situation despite the difficulty. I'm proud of the fact that I am not easily shaken by daily obstacles and excel at anything I fully commit to both personally and professionally.  

How I am Human: One of my weaknesses is my constant pursuit of perfection while fully being aware that there is no such thing.  

Oh Fine, My Experience: In my professional career, I've been able to close over 200K is Annual Contract Revenue and have been able to help over 100 businesses owners shape the future of their company through my advisory.

What I Do for Zephyr: At Zephyr, I'm known as a People Strategist and I'm responsible for assisting my team with new business acquisitions and helping small business owners find a unique fit for their next hire.

Why I Picked Zephyr: I chose Zephyr simply because of our mission and what we stand for. At Zephyr, I truly believe everyone has a voice and is treated like a human and not a number.

Why Zephyr Chose Shafeeq: Our number one guiding principle for the sales department is not to sell... it's to serve. And this is exactly what Shafeeq embodies. When Erin met Shafeeq for his interview, the first thing he mentioned was how much he loved her photo of chowing down on coffee ice cream on the website, and she was hooked right then and there. Shafeeq's personal mission is to be 1% better today than he was yesterday, and 1% better tomorrow. His drive for self-improvement is infectious and admirable. Shafeeq lives his life from his heart, and this passion is evident in his work. We knew immediately that he would be a terrific addition to our sales team, perfectly aligning with Zephyr's values.