Topic: Freedom to Grow

A CPA firm had grown to the point where the owner needed to take a step back from the day-to-day operations and focus on being a CEO, dedicated to growing and improving the business. The company needed a senior tax accountant who could manage the team of 15 employees, and review all of their tax returns before they were submitted. At the time, the owner was doing all of this in addition to running the business.

The firm put out a job posting for the senior tax accountant position. After four months of searching and three offers that all fell through, it was clear their normal recruiting efforts were not working for this role. With tax season rapidly approaching, the owner reached out to Zephyr to fill the role with a IDEAL FIT™ as quickly as possible.

With a clear strategy in place, Zephyr placed the ad where we knew the IDEAL FIT™ would see it. We developed a IDEAL FIT™ profile and then a highly effective job ad that spoke to the right candidates and deflected that wrong candidates.  And in just a week from posting the ad, the IDEAL FIT™ was found and soon after was offered the position!

The new senior tax accountant was able to get up and running so quickly that the owner was able to take a month-long sabbatical in the middle of tax season, only a couple months later! He used this time to write the book that has helped him continue to grow his business. And this terrific hire is still there running the day-to-day, so the owner can focus on his CEO role and scale his business.