Topic: Improving Hiring Strategy

An HVAC company’s internal process for hiring was causing more problems than it was solving. Each service manager was responsible for hiring for his/her own team. Some, better than others. The owner didn’t like having to oversee the managers to ensure they were hiring appropriately.

The breaking point was when the company started to look for commission-only salespeople. While the job was getting a lot of applicants, many didn’t realize it was commission only, wasting the hiring manager’s and applicants’ time.

Zephyr did a deep analysis of the jobs that were posted. We reviewed who was applying for the positions, as well as what the competition was doing. From here, we were able to identify areas to improve the posting, the frequency, the channels, and the budget.

As a result, Zephyr was able to get fewer, but higher-quality candidates who understand the job and its pay structure right from the start.

The owner didn’t realize how important strategy was to fill unique positions such as these sales roles. “We’re good at what we are good at, we are bad at what we’re bad at. Hiring is not our forte,” he said.