Topic: Multiple Hires

A fast-growing construction company came to us needing five immediate hires. The owner had no time to fill these roles, but without the staff, he was struggling to manage all the work they had and was turning work away or putting them on a very long and growing wait list! Being short-handed was preventing the company from growing and reaching its goals.

He partnered with Zephyr to take over the recruiting for these roles. The company needed a marketing manager, controller, estimator and two project managers. The project managers were unique roles in that they needed to be able to manage the project and get his/her hands dirty as a part of the construction crew.

In addition to the time challenges, the company had also been unsuccessful in finding hires due to confusing titles and job postings. Zephyr recommended changes that made the postings easier to find for their IDEAL FIT™ candidates.

Over the course of 2-3 weeks all five jobs were launched. Three of the roles were filled quickly, while the other two took more time due to the uniqueness of the positions. All five positions were filled with great fits who are still with the company a year later. The company was so pleased with Zephyr’s work that they have come back to us for all their additional hiring.