Don’t lose sight of your long term goals/success

We hope you, your company, and your family are coping well and managing this new state in which we find ourselves.

All over the world, we are using this time to stop, breathe, and make some choices.

As a business owner, you have a lot going on, and if you are like me, making choices, such as whether to lay off staff or pivot your business focus, are difficult and impactful.

At Zephyr, we have been taking it one day at a time, staying connected as a team, doing as much “business as usual” as we reasonably can.  And, we are happy to report that business is picking up again, albeit slowly. We hope the same is for you or that it will be very soon!

As the leader of this incredible company, I am keeping my mindset in check and using this time wisely, making good decisions for today and for the near future. A brighter outlook is coming! I am finding myself emerging from the initial fog of this crisis and visioning about the future.

I recently heard an impactful message… Don’t waste your quarantine.

As my esteemed colleague, Dr Sabrina Staring, recently wrote, “What I want you to understand is we want to avoid the survival traps. The survival trap is where we make a short-term decision that gets us through today or next week or the next two months. But that can actually take us very far off course from our vision.

I couldn’t agree more!! This crisis will end. What do you want your company to look like when that happens?  The longer we linger in crisis mode, the longer we give this thing power over our lives.  Even now, there is so much we can do and have control over.  There is opportunity and innovation.

This slower period in your business is an excellent time for you to work ON your business.  We at Zephyr, want to suggest you consider learning about Employment Brand Marketing and how it can serve you in the long term.

Employment Brand Marketing (EBM) is a marketing approach and strategy that speaks to and engages with your UNIQUE FIT™ employee, whether you are currently hiring or not. Just as you promote your services to your ideal client, here you are marketing to your ideal employee – or as we call them, your UNIQUE FIT™ Employee.

When unemployment is low, as it had been prior to COVID-19, EBM has been beneficial to help employers stand out.  When unemployment is high, as it may continue to be when you are ready to hire, it helps narrow the pool to those who are truly a good fit. This will save you valuable time when reviewing hundreds of applicants who will apply to your job.

Now is an excellent time to develop the strategy and get it launched.  We will get back to “regular” business at some point.  By starting now, you will be ready to find UNIQUE FIT™ employees before your competition finds them.

Download our EBM Checklist to get started today!

If you would like to learn more, please reach out, we would love to talk about how we can help!