Are bad hires costing you money?

Are bad hires costing you money? Take the salary of your average employee- now multiply it by 30%. That is how much a bad hire can cost you. In addition to being expensive, having to hire again takes time that you likely don’t have. Bad hires can also have additional negative impacts on your business.

For one small business, a bad hire led to a toxic workplace. The employee ended up pushing good employees out, and even clashed with clients! Slowly, the bad employee changed the culture of the company. By the time the owner realized how bad the issue had become, they didn’t have one toxic employee on their hands, but several! Solving the toxicity that had rooted itself in the business meant letting multiple people go, rebuilding an entire department, and setting things right with clients. What a nightmare!

No small business means to make a bad hire. Maybe the candidate looked really good on paper, maybe they interviewed well, or maybe you were strapped for time and needed the role filled yesterday.

No Judgement, it happens!

But, there is a better way to build your team that will end up saving your time, money and headache in the long run: the UNIQUE FIT™ method.

Watch the video below to learn more about how this method works:

We know our UNIQUE FIT™ Method works because of the success our clients have had with it. However, getting a UNIQUE FIT™ team doesn’t start with your next hire- it starts with reviewing your team for fit today. Just as the small business discussed above did. Regular review of your team for fit can help address potential trouble areas before they become a crisis. This is so important, that we developed an assessment that you can use today to review your team for fit.

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As always, Zephyr is here to help you with all your team needs- from ensuring you attract the right applicants, helping you hire your UNIQUE FIT™, and ensuring your great team stays in place.