How your company’s Core Values can help you find the UNIQUE FIT™ employees

Core Values help us stay focused, make better decisions, and create a life that feels aligned and authentic.  Some business owners, especially those who work with coaches or read a lot of business books, may also know about Core Values for business – how they, too, can provide direction, focus, and even connection with our clients, (who wouldn’t want to work with clients whose values align with our company’s?)

But how can knowing your Core Values help with recruiting?

Here, at Zephyr Connects, we deeply believe that the finding the UNIQUE FIT™ for your team must go beyond skills, experience, and expertise, it must include cultural fit, personality, fit, and yes, Core Values fit.

Imagine hiring an employee who deeply values time in nature, but your position is a desk job that requires they be on call on the weekend.  Do you think they will be happy and last in the long run?  Or what if a Core Value of your company is service to others, and you bring on a new hire who values accuracy above all else, can you see how they may sacrifice service to a client for the sake of taking extra time to be sure the work is accurate?

Values are not good or bad, they just are, and they are very personal, so when they conflict, there is little to no room for compromise. This is why it is critical that you understand your company’s Core Values, and those of your candidates before you offer them a job.

So how do you uncover a candidate’s core values?  It takes many steps:

  • Building trust early on in the recruiting process
  • Asking deep and meaningful questions
  • Being curious
  • Encourage storytelling
  • Walk them through a Core Values exercise
  • Get proof

If you are committed to bringing on new hires who are the UNIQUE FIT™ for your team, your future, your culture, and the needs of the role, then these steps are the most important and most critical in the recruiting process. If you need help recruiting for core values- let Zephyr do it for you! Contact Us to get started.