Overcome Workplace Toxicity by Hiring Diverse Candidates With Complementary Values

Erin began being an entrepreneur in 1989 when she realized that she had a penchant for doing things “her way”. Charging ahead 3 decades and 4 businesses later, she now is the very humble and proud owner of Zephyr Recruiting LLC.

As with all her businesses, Zephyr is a disruptor, bringing the human element back to finding the right match for their clients. All recruiters say they source “top talent”, but Zephyr does not make this ridiculous and unrealistic claim. Instead Zephyr’s claim is that they will be a match-maker for the UNIQUE FIT™ for you, your team, your company’s values and culture, and for where you want your company to go.

They only work with small businesses, purposefully giving them a leg-up in this competitive job market.

Erin is driven by her mission of eradicating toxic workplaces in the small business community. And she comes to us today by way of Cleveland, OH where she lives with her daughter, her husband, their dog and a huge family of deer that live part-time in their yard.

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