Stop toxic workplace culture from taking over your small business

Are you a small business owner in a growth mindset? Are you looking towards the next step for your business? Does that step include hiring? Is this terrifying for you?

You aren’t alone. Growing a team can be paralyzing for many small business owners. It is hard work. Work you probably don’t have time to do. When you need to grow, but don’t have the time to invest in hiring, it can be easy to rush the process, hiring the first person who comes along who has the requirements you need, and who wants the job. Focusing first on getting roles filled can help you with your short term needs, but unfortunately, can lead to something that no small business wants to have:

A Toxic Workplace

Like an invasive species, toxic workplaces are easier to stop than eradicate once they take hold.

“Every new employee will change your company culture. If you bring in employees who don’t match your company culture, they will start to reshape it until it is unrecognizable.” Erin warns.

So what can you do as a business owner if you see a toxic workplace starting to creep into your company? Erin had a raw and open conversation with Heather Zeitzwolfe with “Get the Balance Right” about how toxic workplaces start, what their impacts are, and how to avoid them from taking root.

Listen to the conversation here