Annie Green

Team Connector

Annie Green- Connector

Dreams: To live a meaningful life by investing in relationships. People deserve to be understood and loved and I hope to be someone who does exactly that!

My Magic Powers: I can read the emotional state of the room like it's written on the walls. I'm good at finding people who may feel uncomfortable and coming alongside them to help them feel accepted.

How I am Human: I have an inner critic who constantly points out the errors that I, and unfortunately sometimes others, make. I have learned, and am continuing to learn how to filter the critic, give myself and others grace, and even use it for good!

Oh Fine, My Experience: I have 7 years of experience in floral design which includes wedding and event design, everyday design, and marketing management. I have several years of customer service experience and a degree in Instrumental Music. I love bringing beauty into the world and advocating for people's dreams.

What I Do for Zephyr: I am a team recruiter which means I get to dive deep into what is important to a client and help match them with the perfect fit for their company culture.

Why I Picked Zephyr: Zephyr stood out to me because they understand that what makes a company great is its people and the health of a team. Just reading the "immutable laws" got me all fired up to contribute to this awesome mission.

Why Zephyr Chose Annie: Zephyr chose Annie because, quite frankly, she is freaking awesome! She is easy to work with because she is genuinely curious and empathetic towards clients, candidates, and her team. She also has stellar follow through and attention to detail, Annie loves a good process. She is also flexible and willing to adapt to change. Annie exudes our company core values and is a true gem.