Rebecah Gajdosik

Team Connector

Dreams: In the grand adventure at Zephyr, I've got a blend of goals that are as diverse as my taste in snacks! I'm like a determined squirrel, chasing mine and my client's goals, with the same level of intensity as that of a squirrel chasing a single acorn like it's the key to its nutty kingdom. 

My goals outside of Zephyr include setting my feet on as many countries as I possibly can, and crafting a garden masterpiece that leaves even the flowers in awe. And when I'm not cultivating greenery, I'm the proud leader of a team of four-legged, tail-wagging consultants who excel in belly rub negotiations.  

My Magic Powers:  I pride myself on being a multitasking maestro. I can juggle more tasks than a circus performer with a caffeine addiction – and still manage to keep all the plates spinning. From wrangling spreadsheets like a pro to orchestrating meetings that don't resemble a game of telephone, I'm your go-to person for maintaining order in the chaos. But for H&S reasons I promise I won't attempt juggling actual plates during our meetings.

How I am Human:  Well, despite my best efforts, I occasionally fall into the 'I'll just reply to this one email before taking a break' trap. It's like a black hole in productivity – time disappears, and suddenly, my snack break becomes a 'late lunch.' But fear not, I'm working on ensuring my snacks get their well-deserved spotlight. So, consider me on a journey to conquer both the to-do list and the snack cupboard!"

Oh Fine, My Experience:  Time to grab yourself a snack if you’ve read this far! My background started in a small town that no one has ever heard of in England, yup that’s right my experience spans across Europe and The Americas! I have extensive experience in HR, mostly in the Automotive & Aerospace industry. And then there’s the experience of owning my own small business and understanding the frustrations that come along with that. My most recent adventure was being a Realtor in the Western North Carolina area. I’m also a mentor and coach to new Realtors!

What I Do for Zephyr:  I'm like the matchmaker of the professional world, except instead of romance, I'm all about forging career connections that make hearts – and resumes – flutter. I sift through seas of resumes, and I've got a sixth sense for spotting that potential rockstar in a pile of applications. From coaxing impressive elevator pitches out of nervous candidates to orchestrating interviews that feel more like power lunches than interrogations, I'm here to ensure that the perfect professional marriage happens – and the honeymoon phase lasts well beyond the first paycheck.

Why I Picked Zephyr:  Well, when it comes to workplaces, I firmly believe that toxic things belong in a chemistry lab, not in workspaces. So, naturally, I decided to dive into the refreshing pool of Zephyr that's all about brewing a culture where creativity thrives, collaboration blooms, and drama is just something you watch on Netflix. Who needs office politics when you can have innovative brainstorms, camaraderie stronger than espresso, and a CEO who's more approachable than your favorite coffee shop barista? Plus, at a startup, wearing multiple hats is a fashion statement – and I'm ready to rock every style from problem solver to team cheerleader!

Why Zephyr Chose Rebecah: From the moment Rebecah came to Zephyr, it was obvious she would be a force to recon with! She easily connects with our clients, essentially becoming a part of their team. We also appreciate her cheeky wit and her cheerleader attitude!